Friday, February 14, 2014


Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement6 This is your fail-safe guide to an easy, affordable, and beautiful Valentine's Day arrangement.  Don't get me wrong, a dozen red roses are great and always welcome, but this arrangement adds a bit of interest and will impress the receiver with your arrangement prowess.  In terms of cost, I buy my flower's at Trader Joe's where each of these three flowers cost $5.99 or less.
Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement3 My first tip is to check the flowers at the store to make sure they've been stored in a bucket with water and were actually submerged in that water.  Also, specifically for roses, pinch the area where the flower meets the stem.  If this area is limp, the roses are not fresh and won't last as long.  Also check the stems.  If the ends are completely brown, that means they've been exposed to air too long and are not absorbing as much water even if they are submerged in water when you bought them.Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement Start by unwrapping your flowers and placing them in vases that have been cleaned well to eliminate any bacteria and filled with water.  Flower by flower, remove the extra greenery that would sit in the water if you left it on.  This helps the water stay clean and the flowers stay fresh for longer.  Once you have prepped all your flowers, you are ready to start arranging.  Pick your vase and make sure that is clean.  Fill it with air temperature water.  Either use a flower food pack that comes with the flowers or I often add a teaspoon of sugar to the water. Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement4 Start with the eucalyptus, cutting the tips on a diagonal and placing the stems, piece by piece into your vase creating a base.  For this arrangement, I wanted a more organic, romantic look so I arrangement the eucalyptus to softly drape over one side of the vase.  Note, don't force trying to fit all the stems into one vase otherwise you'll end up with a busy, squished arrangement.  You can reserve some for a second arrangement.

Next add the freesia, which provides some visual interest with a darker pink and the most alluring aroma.  Stem by stem, decide where you want to place it and cut to the correct height always on a diagonal to allow the most surface area to absorb water.  I wanted the freesia to peak out from the eucalyptus, over top the spray roses.
Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement5 Finally add the spray roses.  Again, deciding where you want to place each stem, measuring the correct height, and cutting along a diagonal.  For this arrangement, the spray roses acted as the body of the arrangement.  The spray roses provided color and bulk as they are visually heavier than the freesia and not as sprawling as the eucalyptus. I also love spray roses because they tend to open up quickly. Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement8 Julip Made Valentines Day easy floral arrangement7
Happy Valentine's Day to all!


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