Monday, January 27, 2014


Julip Made super bowl party1 Considering we don't have strong ties to either of the teams in this year's Super Bowl, the outcome of the game isn't our main concern, but the food definitely is.  For this casual get-together,  I wanted snacks people could munch on while watching the game and a more filling option they could easily grab and chow on.  The mini bahn mi's provided a main that was easy to eat and added a variety of flavors while the sriracha deviled eggs were the perfect on bite wonder.  See below for the menu, drinks, and straightforward decor ideas

Julip Made super bowl party2 DECOR
For this casual get-together, I wanted the decor to be festive, but not fussy.  Most all the decorations can be pulled together from items you likely already have around your house.  If I had a strong tie to one of the teams, I probably would have gone with a more color themed approach.  To decorate, I lined the buffet table with brown craft paper and drew football field lines on it with white chalk.  Going along with the game day theme, the menu is simply a chalkboard with playbook symbols used to highlight the dishes.  To serve the drinks, I used galvanized tins with ice to display the beers.  
Julip Made super bowl party5 MENU
  • Greek Yogurt Curry Dip & Crudite
  • Orange Pico de Gallo
  • Sriracha Deviled Eggs
  • Bahn Mi Mini's
Julip Made super bowl party4 DRINKS
  • Bloody Michelada
  • Belgian Honey Blossom
  • Beer
Julip Made super bowl party3
Recipes will be forthcoming this week.  Also stay tuned for more party concepts and entertaining tips this winter as I have some fantastic party content lined up for you this winter! How do you celebrate game day in your house?


  1. Nice to see some healthy game day snacks! So sick of the obligatory orange table (i.e. buffalo wings, Doritos, Cheetos, etc.)

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