Saturday, December 14, 2013


Julip Made 2013 holiday gift guide for the kids Since I do not yet have kids of my own, my barometer for what to get children for the holidays is based on what I myself would want if I were still a kid.  I mean who doesn't want a Star Wars t-shirt, tutu, and ballet slippers, possibly one awesome outfit combo.  Growing up the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales were my absolute favorite along with my art set, which was actually just a compilation of my mom's art materials from her studio.


1. Serena and Lily Lion | 2. ABC Letters | 3. J.Crew Star Wars T-shirt | 4. Anthropologie Art Set | 5. Anthropologie Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales | 6.  J.Crew Tutu | 7. Ridley's Pick Up Sticks | 8. Zappos Ballet Slippers | 9. GAP One Piece | 10. Biscuit Racing Spoon

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