Friday, October 25, 2013


Julip Made friday link love DC's been a little hectic this past week now that the shutdown is over, traffic is back to the full hellish gridlock, and it feels like the entire city is playing catch up.  I also find that this is the time of year when life just starts to pick up and get busier and busier as we approach holiday season.  For me personally, this holiday season will be a bit crazier as this is both our first year welcoming Trick-or-Treater's now that we are finally in the new home instead of an apartment.  In addition, we'll be hosting our first Thanksgiving at our place so we've been rushing to pull the place together.  You know, get those little things like blinds, rugs, and lighting ordered so our guests don't feel like they're in a renovation zone.  In my spare time (muhahah), I found some of these inspiring links and amazing sales for you to peruse:

  • Lacey has always brought DC style to a new level, but in this post, she's perfected the sultry, urban, chic look. 
  • This Rider bag is not only the ideal fall bag, but is also 20% off at Loeffler Randall with the code INTHEFAM through October 28th.   You can also nab these sexy and sleek black booties for 20% off. 
  • Often people think of lamb as a springtime meat, but to me, this recipe reads all fall.  See here for some wine pairing ideas. 
  • Cozy, ombre, moto... what is not to love about this jacket?  Oh and it is 25% off from GAP through October 26th using the code GAPSAVE.
  • With a 9-5, freelance business, and blog, I feel like I often am juggling 20 things at once with one hand behind my back.  This post has some great tips for managing multiple businesses.  Oh and check out the rest of her blog because it is jam packed with helpful design, blogging, organizational, and pretty much do everything better tips!
  • I've always admired Jess Lively.  She just seems like one of those people you could sit down with any problem or concern and she'd give you completely sage, genuine advice and instantly make you feel better.  She hit the nail on the head with this article as I often struggle with being present in this day and age of multitasking.
  • I think I've introduced you all to Scout before, but if you haven't gone over to check it out, now's the time to do so starting with this yummy fall cocktail.
  • With the aforementioned entertaining in my future, I'm on the lookout for beautiful, inexpensive serving pieces like these gold dessert plate.  They're also part of C.Wonder's 30% off friends + family sale going on through October 28th with the code FAF. 
  • Being a huge type and hand lettering nerd I immediately had to research who was behind these amazing books.  Turns out it is Dana Tanamachi, the hugely talented graphic designer and artist. Check out the rest of her portfolio here because it will truly inspire and wow you!



  1. So much goodness in this post! That moto jacket is perfection, that cocktail looks like quintessential fall, and Nubby Twiglet's post is full of helpful ideas!

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  2. Love those dessert plates from C Wonder.


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