Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Accessible Art: No. 4 - Eyes on Walls

Julip Made Accessible Art Eyes on Walls
In Trouble She Will by Agnes Cecile | Deer Wearing Gym Socks by Charmaine Olivia | Gold by Manuel Rebollo | Mission by Stephane Berlin  | Office Warfare by Hidden Moves | Surfs Up by Charmaine Olivia | Lone Wolves by Alex Cherry | Closer (Limited Edition) by Alex Cherry

Eyes on Walls is an art company that offers a collection of affordable,yet edgy art from artists who focus on popular urban culture.  They often work with young artists to provide affordable access to some of their best, up and coming works.

As you can see from the works displayed above, they have an eye for finding artists with a gritty aesthetic and a touch of wit.  I absolutely love the Deer Wearing Gym Socks by Charmaine Olivia and the Office Warfare by Hidden Moves.  They also offer most pieces in smaller block prints for $28, wall murals for $99 or even canvas prints for more.

PS. I'm over on Liz's blog sharing one of my favorite summer refreshers so stop on by.  She has put together a fantastic guest series all about the perfect summer BBQ!


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