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Julip Made_blogger tools Some of the most common questions I get is what kind of camera do you use and how do you create your layouts/ graphics.  In an attempt to answer those and foster a bit of a discussion because I believe that we can all grow from each other and our collective experiences, I am starting a new series focused on blogger improvement, tools, gadgets, tips, etc... This post details the 10 best blogger tools and gadgets (in my opinion) for starting out.  These are the physical tools that will help you get started.  In future posts, we'll discuss software, websites, apps, books, other tips and tricks.
Julip Made 10 best blogger tools and gadgets ONE + TWO: This should go without saying, but to blog, one needs access to a computer.  For me, I have a desktop mac for when I'm in the midst of graphic projects, but I love the ease of transport that my macbook pro provides.  I don't just mean actual travel, but even the travel from my desk to the couch or to the porch outside.  Now once you've invested in a computer, you'll obviously want to protect it from klutzy moments or other liquid/ dropping dangers.  Enter Mujjo, a Dutch company focused on providing aesthetically pleasing, design oriented protection measures for not only your laptop, but for all of your electronic devises. For me, the macbook pro sleeve in white is currently snugly hugging my computer.  I love the mix of materials and the simple, sleek aesthetic.  It is stylish without being distracting.  
THREE + FOUR:  Always have a notebook/ planner on hand for when inspiration strikes.  For me that is usually on the bus or right before bed.  I use my planner to quickly jot down post ideas, to write out a draft editorial calendar, to write down reminders for who to call or e-mail back, etc...  With the way my brain works, I always write down ideas related to different topics in different colors as well as different levels of reminders.  For example red means URGENT- DO THIS ASAP or an interior decor post idea, always orange (not sure why, just how my mind works).  I use both Sharpies and Staedtler Triplus Fineliner pens.
FIVE: Want to vastly improve your graphic abilities? Invest in a Wacom tablet.  It is like all of a sudden being told that you don't have to color in the lines or even use a coloring book.  The possibilities are endless. (I will discuss software in another post, but feel free to send along graphic software questions as well)
SIX and SEVEN: iPhones are great for capturing quick snapshots as are point and shoots, but in my opinion, when you are ready to expand your photography skills and start to move to the next level, I'd recommend the Canon Rebel T3i (my personal favorite). Please note I am no photography expert, but I can say from personal experience, that getting this camera has not only inspired me to learn more about photography, but has really helped me develop a better eye and want to focus more on higher quality images for the blog. With your new fancy camera, you will want to be sure to protect that baby and in style.  My favorite stylish camera bag I've found so far (and is still on my wish-list) is this one.
EIGHT:  As convenient as a laptop is for being able to work on the fly, I find that having a light weight keyboard and wireless mouse can speed up my work on the road exponentially.  Just think how much easier it is to whiz through links with a mouse than the mouse-pad.  Also, when it comes to graphics, it is almost impossible to draw in Illustrator, Photoshop, etc... with the mouse-pad compared to a wireless mouse.
NINE + TEN:  The key to success for any blog, business, or even person is to network, network, network.  It also helps when you pull your business cards out of a stunning case like this one.  If you are in need of business cards, or any other graphic design assistance feel free to shoot me a line and I'd be happy to help!

What physical tools and gadgets do you find most helpful for blogging?


Full disclosure: This was NOT a sponsored post. However, the 13" macbook pro Mujjo case was gifted.  All of my opinions regarding Mujjo are my own.  


  1. you are sooooo right about the tablet. i'd be lost without mine.

  2. Loveee this roundup -- I feel like sometimes bloggers keep tips and tricks very close and it's refreshing to share and bounce ideas off one another -- I actually did the same thing today with a little SEO action, guess we were thinking along the same lines :)

    xo, Liz
    {What Dress Code?}

  3. Thanks for taking the time to post about this! I'm super excited about the series! Question -- how exactly are you using the Wacom tablet? Is that how you created your signature and blog title?


  4. Such a great list. I am in desperate need of a more attractive camera bag, and that Rebecca Minkoff one is seriously stunning.

  5. This post is perfect. I really need to invest in a lot of these things, especially the wireless mouse. I am huge into making graphics and there is nothing more frustrating than dealing with a mousepad, haha.

  6. Hi Julie, thank you for posting this- extremely helpful! I was wondering if you use the rebel for all of the interior photos that you post and if so which lens you use? Thanks so much!


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