Friday, June 28, 2013


Photo by Studio 222 Photography from Every Last Detail.
As much as the thought of al fresco entertaining and dining excites me, there are certain summer entertaining items that are essential for the comfort of your guests and a perfect event. This food tent, for example, means bug-free food, a croquet set leads to hours of entertainment, and this drink dispenser means as the hostess, you don't have to individually mix every drink.
summer entertaining essentials
1. World Market Glass Yorkshire Dispenser | 2. World Market Acrylic Ribbed Tumblers | 3. Anthropologie Loomed Palmae Food Cover | 4. Large Oval Steel Planting Tub | 5. Furbish Patriotic Tablerunner | 6. Furbish Picnic Salt & Pepper Shakers | 7. West Elm Claudia Pearson Dog Plates | 8. Furbish Vintage Flag Tray | 9. Furbish Fish corkscrew | 10. Anthropologie Gingham Check Knife Set | 11. West Elm Raw Wood Boards | 12. Anthropologie Garden Torch | 13. Target Nate Berkus Large Hurricane | 14. Weber Grill | 15. Franklin Sports Expert 6 Player Croquet Set | 16. Anthropologie Glass Globe Oil Lantern | 17. DENY Designs CMYKarne Lobster Outdoor Throw Pillow | 18. Furbish Be Brave Balsam Pillow | 19. Anthropologie Redsmith Dining Chair | 20. Anthropologie Enamelware Candle Tin
For the tabletop, using a large pitcher or drink dispenser to serve one pre-mixed drink, can save you the hassle of mixing each drink individually and acrylic cups can save you from having to clean up broken glass in case of an accident. To keep your food free of bugs and falling leaves use a tent like this. Playful, festive serving pieces like this, this, and this add personality and make serving numerous portions or appetizers a cinch.

In terms of comfort, make sure to have durable outdoor seating options and pillows for extra comfort like this or this.  In addition, having a variety of lighting options to illuminate both the food and the surrounding areas is necessary for obvious reasons, but also adds ambiance to the event.  Try these for the walkways and this or this for the tabletop.  Don't forget candles like this to keep the bugs at bay!

What are your summer entertaining essentials?       


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