Friday, June 21, 2013


Julip Made DIY gold drip vase4 My sweet and wonderful parent's, aunt, and grandmother threw the Boy and I an engagement party this past spring... the most beautiful, intimate, gourmet, and PERFECT affair.  Being the entertaining obsessed DIY hostess I am, I asked if I could add something to the event. This DIY gold drip vase and accompanying floral arrangement was that contribution.  It is a simple, inexpensive DIY that anyone with an index finger and a can of spray paint can do.
Julip Made DIY gold drip vase Materials:

  • vase (I used these from Ikea)
  • gold spray paint
  • newspaper
Julip Made DIY gold drip vase2
  1. Lay out newspaper in a well ventilated area outside.  Make sure to weight down with heavy objects (thus the logs above). 
  2. Place vases on newspaper. 
  3. Shake spray paint well.  Holding approximately 1 1/2" away from the top rim of the vase, spray heavily around the rim until paint pools and beings to drip down.
  4. I did two vases starting at the top rim and then the third starting at the base and letting the drips go upward towards the top, but you can experiment as you like. 
  5. Let dry.
  6. Fill with beautiful flowers and enjoy!
Julip Made DIY gold drip vase6 Julip Made DIY gold drip vase5 Julip Made DIY gold drip vase3
PS. Florals by me as well!


  1. I am hosting a bachelorette party in August with a gold and turquoise color-scheme. I think I am going to use this!


  2. I honestly love this idea. I'm not a huge fan of gold, but absolutely love the idea of doing this with a different color. Love!

  3. Gorgeous! Great idea and way to revamp old vases.

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