Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Julip Made Quote of the week The time is now...
...to jump all in, go all out, give it everything you have.  I've been thinking a lot lately about being present and living in the moment.  Too often I am spread to thinly and as a result give only 50% to something.  I am an extremely competitive person and never in my life has 50% been good enough, so why now?  This quote spoke to me because to me, it means give 100% 110% to the things you are passionate about and to the people you love.  If a few other tasks or things drop off, then so be it.  They were not your priorities and most likely serving as distractions to what you are enthusiastic about.  Odin, my pup, is the perfect example of this (as all dogs are). They live in the moment.  They take on tasks with joy and exuberance.  I mean look at the excitement and pure joy on that face above sprinting around the field in the country, herding me as I take pictures.  He is with his people doing something he loves and was bred to do.  Happiness!



  1. i love this quote. it is so true! found out about your blog on the everygirl and now im browsing all your pages!

  2. I want to live my life like Odin in that picture!

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