Monday, May 6, 2013


Fete to fashion picnic
Picture via Design Sponge styled by Bash, Please.
After recently designing and styling the set for an adorable picnic look book with Carlis (stay tuned for a sneak peek or check out see a preview on my Instagram), I have been craving a leisurely afternoon spent in the sun sipping on Arnold Palmer's and nibbling on these.  My thoughts also began to wander to the perfect picnic outfit and this dress and thus generating the idea for this new series. What to wear to various events and how to ensure you are following etiquette and dress code guidelines for those events.

picnic outfit
1.  San Diego Hat Company Paper Braid Wide Brim Fedora | 2. West Elm Tassled Picnic Blanket, India Ink | 3. Icon Brand Rope Bracelet | 4. Chuck Taylor All Star Natural  | 5. Madewell Stucco Stripe Dress | 6. Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses | 7. Topshop Textured Half Pink Chain | 8. Kate Spade New York picnic basket
This casual Spring picnic calls for a fun, flirty, but comfortable dress paired with shoes you'd be able to play Frisbee or croquet in if those games arose.  Are you a fan of picnics? What are your go-to picnic outfits? Any other events  you'd like outfit advice for?


  1. Great post! I LOVEEEEE that Madewell dress so much. I think it's time to invest in a picnic blanket.

    Lemon Stripes

  2. Great styling. Casual, nautical, and perfect for a picnic! Well done.

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