Saturday, April 27, 2013

Saturday Link Love

Link Love Some delicious eats to make, some thoughts to ponder, and of course buckets of pretty inspiration to oogle.

  • I already love Nikki of Cupcakes for Breakfast, but this post made me love her even more.  It is one part Sex and the City, one part Eat.Pray.Love, one part Bon Appetit and ALL Nikki.  Added bonus is that a delicious recipe is included. Read it, make it, repeat.
  • When introduced to this new-to-me blog by Victoria, I stared at her gorgeous pictures and delicious recipes for a few minutes an hour.  Then came across this post, a recipe for my FAVORITE Portuguese pastries.  I figure since the fiance is Portuguese, I should probably take this recipe to heart for future family get togethers. 
  • I saw this post a while back and bookmarked it for later.  Well now is later and it is a must read.  Molly says what goes on in so many blogger's head including mine.  Just get out of your own way and be the best version of yourself. Period.
  • Would love to have this on my arm strolling around the farmer's market or for a picnic.
  • Two more new-to-me blogs full of visual and recipe goodness thanks to Megan's recommendation: Local Milk and A Merry Mishap
  • One the hunt for an engagement party dress and this is a front runner along with this, this, this, and this.  Which would you pick?
  • I love Miranda's simple, simple, yet uber chic style and have been waiting for glimpses of her apartment since her move last year.  Finally, she, along with her super cute Corgi pup shared some pictures of her living room and folks it was worth the wait.
  • Last, but definitely not least, two new small businesses to keep your eye out for.  Victoria and Meg, two powerhouse bloggers and friends have come together to form The B Bar, the ultimate go to for blogger advice, tips, and tricks. Second, Megan and her husband Mike, both incredibly creative and inspiring peeps are starting a new lifestyle branding and taste-making business full of promise and creative American made goodness. She explains the new business more eloquently here. Keep your eyes out for these businesses folks!


  1. great round up, yo. also, love the crap out of this layout.

  2. Thanks for featuring me lady! What a great Monday suprise! And I just love that you picked the picture with Frank in it too... he is such a ham!

  3. Julie - thank you so much for the kind words! So thrilled to have discoverd your blog as well - it is stunning, and I am hooked! :) Also, I absolutely love the layout you created for this post - absolutely gorgeous! xo, Lindsay from fleurdeselsf.com

  4. Thank you for sharing! I hope to hear more updates from you.


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