Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Quote of the Week and Some Thoughts

quote Some thoughts below...

Days like Monday make you feel heavy.  They make you feel angry.  They make you feel confused.  They make you feel sad.  They even make you feel hate.  However, the one feeling that I savored from Monday, was the fact that it made us all feel for others.  For that moment, when we all found out what happened, our thoughts immediately went to others.  We thought of the safety of loved ones, the bravery of those we saw running towards danger, and we felt compassion for all involved, especially for those strangers we saw images of or knew had been impacted.  For that brief moment, as a country, we put aside our differences, our concerns for "me", and we rose above ourselves and our individual concerns.  The strength of the greater collective is powerful.  It should not be underestimated.   And it is my hope that this spirit can continue as we move forward from this tragedy.  It is my hope that we can remember this collective spirit as we move past this and on to the challenges and decisions we have been facing as a country as of late and harbor a little more compassion for others.  

In my search for this quote, I also came across these words from Deepak Chopra following the atrocity of September 11, 2001 and found them comforting, in addition to being a mantra I hope to remind myself of daily in the time to come.
"For me and my family personally, September 11 was a reminder that life is fleeting, impermanent, and uncertain. Therefore, we must make use of every moment and nurture it with affection, tenderness, beauty, creativity, and laughter. We have since started a daily prayer, which is: "Today I will nurture every relationship with love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding." - Deepak Chopra
 My thoughts go out to those who have been personally impacted by this tragedy.

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