Friday, February 15, 2013


Julip Made spring floral arranging11

In all of my party posts flowers are involved, but typically they don't get the spotlight.  With this floral arranging 101 series, I hope not only to highlight the arrangements I create for the party's featured on Julip Made, but also to show you how to create them for yourself.  I created this arrangement for this party... a delicate, girly arrangement perfect for spring.

Julip Made spring floral arranging
Collect all materials including julep cups, tea cups, scissors, and flowers.  In this case I used mums, Alstroemeria, Roses, and green filler.
Julip Made spring floral arranging3
Trim leaves and thorns off the stem.
Julip Made spring floral arranging4
Using the objects you've chosen to store the flowers in, measure the stem against the container.  Using scissors or a knife, cut the stem at this point diagonally.
Julip Made spring floral arranging8
For the roses, pick of the first few petals.  If the roses are not open enough, cup the flower between your palms and blow hot air into the center of the rose to help it open up.
Julip Made spring floral arranging5
Create a foundation using foliage or flowers with lots of leaves.  This will create a framework to place the other flowers within.  I used the Alstroemeria in this case.
Julip Made spring floral arranging6

Julip Made spring floral arranging7
Next add in the larger "face" flowers (the mums).  Place in a scattered way in the vase, building on the framework created with the Alstroemeria.  Weave in the wispy greens at varying heights to add depth.
Julip Made spring floral arranging9
Finally weave in your "pièce de résistance" flower like the rose.
Julip Made spring floral arranging12 Julip Made spring floral arranging10


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