Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DIY Valentine's Day Card

Julip Made love notes8

With Valentine's Day around the corner, here is a last minute DIY Valentine's Day card idea for you to send to your loved ones.  The love note can be customized using different colors and sayings, and then of course the inside of the card is for your lover's eye's only.

Julip Made love notes
1. Cut off the base of celery stems. Save the rest for cooking or Bloody Mary's.
Julip Made love notes3
2. Compile materials including acrylic paint, Paper Source envelopes and foldover cards, celery roots, and extra blotting paper.
Julip Made love notes5
3. Mix paints.  I mixed a pink and a red. Dip celery root in paint and dab a few times on the blotting paper to remove excess ink until desired stamp intensity is reached.
Julip Made love notes4
4. Using one color at a time, stamp each envelope. Let stamp dry in between colors.
Julip Made love notes6
5. Continue stamping using both colors to create a pattern.
Julip Made love notes7
6. Using markets, pencils, etc... write your sweet nothings on the inside and outside of the cards.


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