Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Art of Entertaining.. Making a Dinner Party Playlist

Julip Made the art of entertaining dinner party playlist If you are lucky enough to have an extremely musically talented composer brother (like I am), than you can get serenaded during family dinner parties by the sweet trill of the piano keys.  If not, you'll most likely need a killer playlist to get you through the evening and keep a gentle lull in the background of dinner conversation.  See after the jump for instructions for putting together the perfect dinner party playlist...

The perfect dinner party playlist has several key characteristics:
  • Songs should flow smoothly from one to another.
  • Keep profanities and loud jarring lyrics to a minimum.  They shouldn't distract from the dinner conversation.
  • Songs shouldn't be too fast or too slow. 
  • Compilations make good mixes such as the Garden State or Love Actually soundtrack, but a little variety to please all guests is good too.
Print What are your go-to dinner party songs?



  1. Since I am usually rushing until the last minute, I usually cheat in this department...Williams Sonoma has several CDs of premade playlists that are tailored to all kinds of entertaining! A few in my collection are: Sunday Brunch, An American Barebecue, and Cinco de Mayo. I just throw in the appropriate CD just as guests are arriving and it instantly sets the mood. I am however, going to take the time to research and put together something new based on your suggestions... I'm excited to discover some of the songs/artists that you have listed!!

  2. Great fun if we follow these charecteristics and most important Songs should flow smoothly from one to another. You can enjoy every moment of life to spending such parties and smooth songs. dinnerparties.co.uk

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