Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Link Love

Link Love
Link love is back with a brand new look.  With the new year, I've been inspired to in the words of Meg Biram #GSD and to become more efficient.  This weeks link love is all about helpful tools to get more organized and some new finds for the new year.

  • IFB always has great advice for bloggers, but I found this article on helpful apps and these tips for being more efficient as a part time blogger extremely helpful.
  • I already love these ladies blogs, but I am even more impressed that even with their success they are still willing to pay it forward and share some tips and resources for building a business, being a better blogger, and tools for being more efficient in general.
  • Speaking of Meg Biram, have you checked out her new line of t-shirts?  Each month she'll come out with a new uniquely designed t-shirt like the one above. Check them out here.
  • You all know I'm a cocktail girl, well these guys are "the" cocktail guys.  Stunning photography and great recipes.
  • With the new year I'm looking for a new influx of inspiring and amazing blogs. I've found myself getting lost in these two blogs for several hours at a time.  This blog for the amazing style and outfit inspiration and this one for the awesome aesthetic.
  • Finally one of the most talented photographers I've come across also has a tumblr account filled with beautiful examples of his work. 


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