Monday, January 14, 2013

Accessible Art No. 2- Art.com

The Accessible Art series is back. With January being the perfect time to spruce up your space and add some colors to your wall this series seeks to highlight accessible and affordable art sources.
accessible art artdotcom julip made
Vogue July-1930 | Jockeys | Hearts | Scout | After the Party | Breaking World' Speed Record | Rose | New Jeans, New Pool | Vogue - February 1965

Enter Art.com, one of the more affordable art sources out there offering pieces from every genre imaginable.  For me, Degas and Warhol are always favorites, but some of these Vogue prints caught my eye.  I also love the casualness and color composition of this Jessica Craig-Martin print. I think it would look fabulous as a huge blown up image centered over a living room couch in charcoal gray with white walls.  They've also recently ramped up their site offering tons of inspiration and style features showcasing the picks of numerous famous creatives like editor-in chief of Refinery 29, Christene Barberich.

What pieces would you pick from Art.com?


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