Monday, January 7, 2013


Julip Made big news6 I've been sitting on this one for a while now, but feel that I've had enough time to myself to relish it and am excited to share with you all.  Make sure to read to the end for the whole story.

A few weeks before Christmas, the Boy told me to pack up my bag ready for cold weather, hiking, nice dinners out, and adventure without a peep of where we were going.  We hopped in the car and started heading north.  A couple turns and hours later, we ended up...
Julip Made big news1
See these guys, these are my people.
...where it all began 7 years 3 months and twenty something days ago... Cornell University. The Boy planned everything out perfectly.  We spent all of Friday walking around campus, visiting our favorite spots, reliving old memories, and introducing Odin to the beauty (and squirrels) that is  the Cornell campus (a little biased here).  That night we stopped by a few of our old haunts, grabbed some beers, and enjoyed a delicious tapas meal at one of our Valentine's day staples, Just a Taste on the Ithaca commons (highly recommended if you are in the area).

The next day...
Julip Made big news4 Julip Made big news10 Julip Made big news8 Julip Made big news9 Julip Made big news2 Julip Made big news7 Julip Made big news3 Julip Made big news5 Julip Made big news11
....after a breakfast at Collegtown Bagels, the best bagels in North America (except for St. Viateur in Montreal of course), we decided to take Odin for a hike to burn off some energy before hitting up some tasting rooms at the local vineyards. Enter Taughannock Falls, a local state park and one of my favorite spots in college to go hiking and swimming...... and now the place where the Boy and I got engaged!!! It was scenic, romantic, secluded... perfect. Just the three of us with the most incredible view (see above). Our little family sharing in one of the happiest moments of my life.

After some happy tears and three-way hugging because Odin is never one to be left out, we headed to a few vineyards to celebrate.  Celebrate we did because I feel like the past few weeks, between telling family and friends, folks coming in from out of town, and the holidays in general, I've been living in one big Champagne filled happy bubble that I don't want to burst.
P.S. If you want the full love story epic see here.


  1. Beautiful photos, beautiful story! Congrats Julie!

  2. Such a perfect engagement story! Congratulations, lovely!

    XO, Alison

  3. Congrats!! My boyfriend went to Cornell, and lots of friends went to Ithaca College. Lovely area.

  4. Congratulations Julie! What a beautiful story!!!!!!!

  5. Awww congrats love! Hope to see you soon and celebrate!

  6. Awww, congratulations! How special. Cornell is very beautiful!

  7. Oh Julie!!! CONGRATS!!!! What exciting news and what a wonderful proposal. I'm so happy for you :)


  8. Awwww, what a cute story. Congratulations!!!!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  9. Congrats, lady! Such a lovely and sweet and meaningful engagement story. Can't wait to toast to you soon! xx.

  10. One of my best friends works at Cornell now & talks about Just a Taste all the time! Haven't made it there yet, but Collegetown Bagels got my approval :)

    Congrats on the engagement! What a sweet way to do it, love that he brought you back to the place where it all began!

  11. What a thoughtful boy, now fiance! Congrats!

  12. aww congratulations! that is perfect!


  13. Aww... Congratulations love! I'm so excited!

  14. Congratulations, Julie!! I am so excited for you two, even though I've only met you once! You both were so sweet together and I'm so thrilled for you :)
    All the best in your new adventures together!


  15. I can't even believe how beautiful that waterfall is. So excited for you guys! Huge congratulations. :) There is a pretty good chance we'll be in DC later this spring for a visit (fingers crossed) so if it happens, I'm totally taking you out for another glass of Champers! xo, vmac

  16. congratulations - how exciting! i actually got engaged the same weekend - boston trip planned by boy, where we had taken one of our very first trips together :)

  17. congratulations - how exciting! i actually got engaged the same weekend - boston trip planned by boy, where we had taken one of our very first trips together :)

  18. yay!!!!!!!! congratulations!! such a thoughtful way to do it....sounds like you found a good one :)

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