Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Art of Entertaining... Thanksgiving Flowers

Julip Made Thanksgiving Flowers DIY2 This simple flower arranging how-to works not just for a Thanksgiving centerpiece, but for any flower arrangement.  The problem, you buy beautiful flowers from the market, bring them home, stick them in a vase,  and yet they lay flat or to one side of the vase.  See below for a simple trick for how to make your arrangements full and vibrant...
Julip Made Thanksgiving DIY4 Using masking tape or flower tape, create a grid pattern across the vase. In the meantime, sort your flowers by color so they are easily accessible to arrange. Julip Made Thanksgiving Flowers DIY Trim each flower by cutting on a diagonal. Trim off any extra leaves. Begin arranging the flowers starting with the large stems and then fill in with the smaller, thinner stems.  If your flowers are not in full bloom at the time of your party or dinner a simple trick to get them to open up a bit is to blow on them.  Your hot breathe will encourage them to open.  Julip Made Thanksgiving DIY3 Finally, for Thanksgiving specifically, an easy go-to color scheme is a monochromatic fall reds and oranges.  If you have any other entertaining questions or requests, feel free to send them along!



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