Friday, November 16, 2012

Color Craving... Driftwood

Julip Made Color Driftwood Gray
Weimaraners via Maineberners | Clutch via FearLanphear | Wolf via Stax&Cane | Jon Hamm via GQ | Gray bedroom images by Peter Kragballe, styling by Camilla Tange, found via Style Files | Gabriella Wilde via The Universe is a Lonely Dove  | Gray booth via Ruffled
Driftwood gray is one of my favorite winter colors.  With the sky getting darker sooner, the clouds and fog rolling in more frequently, I just want to cozy up in knits and cuddle on the couch by a fire.  Driftwood gray not only mirrors the weather, but looks fantastic as a knit or in a heathered gray. It also says winter, without the harshness of bright white or the holiday implication of red, green, gold, or plaid.  See after the jump for how to get the look for yourself or in your home...

What colors do you gravitate towards in the winter?


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