Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Project Apartment: The Living Room

009b Project apartment has moved forward full steam and today I'm sharing with you the living room, probably the most used room in our apartment.  In case you missed it, our apartment was featured on Apartment Therapy here.  Our main goals for this room were a cozy, comfy place that we could relax and entertain.  The giant couch fits all three of us for lounging and a whole crew of friends for game nights.  See more after the jump...
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What are your favorite elements of your living room?  For more small spaces styling tips and for more of my apartment check out the rest of Project Apartment


  1. Love the coziness of it all! Wow- Apartment Therapy!! You go girl. I love the gallery wall especially.

  2. Love your gallery wall!

    I love our coffee table & couch. Our couch is actually a hand me down from my sister-in-law & although the slipcover is really beat up, the actual couch is ridiculously comfortable. Perfect for lounging on.

  3. Love it! I need a living room re design - just posted about it today! We got a new couch but need to work everything else around it...time to start looking for inspriation and your post is a good start!

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  5. Is the sofa the ikea kivik in dark grey? We just purchased one yesterday. Any suggestions on how to soften the pillows or fabric?

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