Thursday, October 25, 2012

Color Palette

color palatte julip made
Image by Jilly and Sally of Sorelle in Style.
Today's color palette inspiration comes from a cozy, mixed print outfit I spotted by the Sorelle in Style sisters, Jilly and Sally.  Although they wore this outfit in spring, I think the patterns, colors, and textures can easily be translated to fall.  More so, I think this entire combination would aptly translate to a cozy den or family room space.  See below for how to get the look...

color palatte outfit julip made
1. Ralph Lauren Home bedworth leather tray | 2. West Elm sutton soffette in navy performance velvet | 3. CC Home Furnishings red and beige strip pillow cover | 4. West Elm Mongolian lamb pillow cover | 5. West Elm metallic brush pillow cover | 6. Eddie Bauer flannel plaid | 7. Domestic Modern olive green wool rug | 8. Furbish driftwood ball | 9. Furbish brass crab box | 10. Horchow clarissa coffee table
What color palettes, prints, or textures do you gravitate towards in the fall?


  1. Love this color palette - it is so stylish while still being cozy


  2. very interesting post - love how you break down the colour palette xo
    would you like to follow each other?

  3. A little bit obsessed with this! Love these preppy fall colors and totally inspired by both the outfit and the home decor!

  4. How fun! Love how you did this post - Xo Catherine

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