Thursday, October 4, 2012

Accessible Art No. 1- Gallery of Fashion Art

Growing up with an artist for a mother I was fortunate enough to be constantly surrounded by art whether in our home, in my mom's studio, or at the openings/ galleries she'd take me to. Now as young adult, trying to make my apartment a home is a priority and filling it with art that I love is a way to accomplish that. However, cost can often be prohibitive. Enter the Accessible Art series. With this series I want to highlight accessible and affordable art sources for those who love art as much as I do, but can't afford to break their bank to hang a few pieces.
Click on any piece to link through.

For the first entry, I've chosen to highlight the Gallery of Fashion Art, "an online gallery site featuring the work of talented, known and unknown, modern fashion illustrators, and to generate interest to the fields of fashion and art." If you grew up drawing sketches of dresses and shoes or staring adoringly at the pages of Vogue or even just appreciate a good fashion sketch then this site is for you. The site has a playful mix of vintage looking sketches, modern prints, and even beauty and accessory prints. I've shared some of my favorites above, but make sure to check out the site for more.


  1. No wonder you are so creative, art runs in your blood! And thanks for this series... I love art and want beautiful pieces from my home but can't drop thousands on the ones that are on my wish list!

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