Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This or That... Fall Outerwear

this or that fall outerwear
Old Navy Cargo Vest | DKNY Gray Flannel Faux Fur Vest | Quicksilver Salt Washed Barn Jacket | Topshop Contrast Sleeve Army Jacket | BCBG Celene Leather Contrast Trench Coat | Vince Camuto Scarlet Anorak
With the first not completely humid.muggy.disgusting.hot.jungle days in DC this weekend, I am finally ready to start considering my fall outerwear options. Read more...
Although I love my classics such as this and this, I am ready to mix it up a bit... literally with mixed media  pieces like this and this.  What outerwear trends are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. I like them all! haha, I have the old navy vest, but the newer ones look cool. they have ones with sleeves now.

  2. MIXED MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I'll take em allllll

  3. I love the Old Navy cargo vest & am bummed its no longer in stock! It'd be so versatile.

  4. ummmm I want it all. Outerwear is my favorite!! I love that Topshop one!!! xoox

  5. Uh, that BCBG?! Yes, please.

  6. I'm pretty ride of die for my Old Navy Cargo vest. But that fur.... meow.


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