Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Art of Entertaining... Sort flatware with galvanized tin planters

321The Art of Entertaining series is all about sharing simple planning tips and tricks for hosting a wonderful evening.  This tip is a simple way to elegantly and creatively display cutlery at a buffet dinner.  I bought these tin planters from Ikea with the hopes of growing some fresh herbs, but that never panned out and instead I've used them to hold cutlery at casual buffet dinners.  See below for more information...

Let me know if you have any entertaining quandaries or if you'd like me to focus on a specific topic!


  1. Great idea! I love the look for casual get togethers- much better then just lying them out on a tray or something.

  2. Love. I hunk this is going to be a fab series!

  3. Just discovered your blog from Apartment Therapy and I'm excited about what you have to share in this new series. One of my goals is to entertain, I've never done it! So my question is where do I start? How many people should I invite for my 1st shindig? Should there be a theme? I need the basics, please and thank you :)


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