Wednesday, September 26, 2012

If Bloggers Ruled the World... with Yvette from Classic Glam

Today's IBRTW participant is not only a student, but is the founder and editor behind a totally chic blog, and now a graphic design business.  She pretty much does it all folks.  Please welcome the adorable Yvette from Classic Glam Blog.
IBRTW Yvette Classic Glam
Classic Glam Blog
See the rest of Yvette's answers after the jump...

IBRTW Yvette Classic Glam
Fight Against Animal Testing, PETA
IBRTW Yvette Classic Glam
Thank you again Yvette for participating and for calling attention to an issue that we might not think about, but that impacts our daily life.  Please head on over to Yvette's to check out her creative musings.


  1. If bloggers can rule the world, there would definitely be peace and unity. That's for sure. Intellectual conversations, camaraderie and passions would be ignited.
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