Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Art of Entertaining... Brown Paper Favor Bag Menus

043b Some of my posts in The Art of Entertaining series will be focused on basic party planning and entertaining basics (like this and this).  I will also seek to provide you all with some inspiration for getting that extra special touch such as how to create a casual, but elegant brown paper bag menu.  It is a really simple concept that combines the menu and the party favor into one making it easy for guests to know what they are eating and surprises them with a treat at the end of the meal too.  See after the jump for materials and instructions...
To get this look I used lunch sized brown paper bags that your Mom probably used to pack your school lunch in pre-cute green lunch box days, a white jelly pen, mini clothespins, and goodies (fleur de sel caramels from Trader Joe's).
  1. Cut length of paper bag to fit the size of the dinner plates leaving a little extra to fold the top over.
  2. With paper bag flat, write menu on bag using jelly pen. 
  3. Place goodies inside and fold down top of bag pinning with a mini clothespin.
  4. Place on plate and enjoy!
It really is that easy!  Stay tuned for more tips like this and a new series announcement later this week.


  1. The best idea! So when are we having our joint party?! Oh, and welcome back!

  2. This is such a great idea--I like how it kind of looks like chalk and LOVE the idea of the caramels inside. So sweet and unique!

    The Glossy Life

  3. I vow to do this for my next dinner party!


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