Thursday, August 16, 2012

New to Me Guest Series: Miranda of One Stylish Day at a Time

Although Miranda is not exactly a "new to me" blogger she is one of my daily reads for style inspiration and she is someone that I feel like hasn't gotten any "face" time on Julip Made, which in my book is completely unacceptable given the amount of inspiration I get from her blog.  This post is just a tiny inkling of the daily fashion inspiration you'll get from her blog!

Hi everyone! I'm Miranda from the blog One Stylish Day at a Time, filling in for Julie while she is away on vacation. I've been a reader of Julip Made for sometime now, drawn in not only by Julie's amazing recipes and series, but also by her warm and welcoming nature. 
Now to my guest post... I recently ordered this book to add to my stack of coffee tables books and while flipping through it the other night, became entranced by its stories of the lives of some of my favorite designers. For instance, did you know that YSL was in a mental institution and received shock therapy treatments to help him mentally recover for his time in the military? Or that Coco Chanel was abandoned as a child by her father and spent her life trying to fill the void he left with other men? 

While the book obviously introduced to me the personal lives of the designers whose names are plastered on the sides of handbags across the country, the book intrigued me by explaining who started what trend. The four designers below, some of the greatest, created out of the box, trendy looks decades ago that still influence all of our closets. Worth recognizing, no?

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Thanks for having me Julie! Make sure and stop by One Stylish Day at a Time soon!
Thank you Miranda for adding another MUST have coffee table book to my ever growing list! 

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  1. I love the fashion trivia, most of which was unknown to me. Thank you...I learned a few new facts by just reading this post. YSL in a mental institution and Chanel abandoned? It's always interesting to read about a person's struggles and how they conquered adversity.


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