Friday, August 10, 2012

New to Me Guest Series: Kendra of Piece of Cake, Peace of Mind

A student and recent founder of a graphic design business, Kendra is immersed in design.  I think she brings a fresh perspective with a clean aesthetic.  Over the past few months I've enjoyed getting to know Kendra through her delightful series "Tea Party" and getting a sneak peek into her wardrobe via her My Style posts.

Hello everyone, my name is Kendra and I am the not-so-secret face behind the blog Piece of Cake/Peace of Mind! I'm so thrilled to be here while Julie is away and I know that we are going to get along swimmingly in her absence. Julie asked me to come over here today and share a bit about what makes me and my brand tick. I decided one way to do that was to give you a little run-down of the daily essentials that keep me going. Plus, this task involved researching some of the prettiest finds on the internet, so naturally I was game ;)
See below for more inspiration...

As a university student, blogger, and designer, I wear many hats and need to keep things not only organized, but also functional and (of course) pretty. These are some of the essential ingredients that make up my day-to-day!

1/ While running to and from class, working on shoots for the blog, and spending hours in front of my computer, having a bag that stows my camera, laptop, and daily necessities is key. The fact that this one (which I just ordered!) is neon really is the icing on the cake. 
2/ Denim dresses bring out the 5 year old in me, in that I have to have them all. I just think that they make such a fabulous base for your favorite accessories and they look chic in all seasons and settings. 
3/ Quirky patterns and brights make up a large portion of my closet because they can elevate your basics and add serious personality to your outfit. 
4/ I deal with a lot of technology during my days, and I like to make sure my tech items get a cute outfit too. This striped case has made a lovely case for my MacBook this past month. 
5/ School supplies make me feel like a kid in a candy shop and these brightly colored pens make to-do lists so much better. 
6/ While I love the idea of heels, my lifestyle is really better suited for a cute flat or wedge. These white sandals keep your feet comfy on those long days of errands. 
7/ I like to spread out when I work, so a big desk is key to a harmonious work space. In my own apartment, I'm a huge fan of the contrast between some minimalist pieces and other bright, whimsical ones. This desk is perfect because of its simple, utilitarian feel and would look amazing with a big bouquet of orange and yellow ranunculus right on top. 

I'd love to hear, what essentials make up your day? 

Thanks again to Julie for having me, and I hope to see some of you over at my blog!
Thank you again Kendra for sharing the essentials that get your creative process flowing!

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  1. Hi Kendra! Oh, I love all these picks. I could get a lot of creating done on that desk [wink] and I'm a big fan of Salt Water sandals for adults. Thanks for another sweet introduction, Julie.


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