Monday, August 6, 2012

New to Me Guest Series: Erin of Currently Coveting

Erin, a fellow Washingtonian, is I'm pretty sure one of the main reasons why DC's work scene is finally becoming considered fashionable and moving away from the sneakers, high white socks, and pencil skirt combo of the 90's.  She has a knack for providing readers with ideas for how to make trends real life appropriate.  I'm sure if you hop on over to Currently Coveting you will find yourself pinning not just a few outfits, but a recipe or two as well because this girl can also cook!

Hi Julip Made readers!  I'm Erin from Currently Coveting filling in for Julie while she’s on vaca.  I write a blog about delicious things and my personal style endeavors.  Although it would be pretty awesome to have "blogger" as my professional title, I unfortunately have a pretty boring real-life job at an investment firm that also comes with a conservative dress code. I thought I would share with you some ways that I try to bring some of my personality and style to the workplace while still maintaining a professional vibe.
1.  Throw a blazer on it.  I know this seems pretty straight forward but once I realized I could be wearing my favorite weekend dresses to the office with this simple step my work wardrobe basically doubled.
See after the jump for more office wear ideas...

2.  Dress up your really basic staples (like your black office dress) with a bold statement piece.  It's all about balance.
3.  Why not use leopard print as an alternative to neutral colors?  It has the same effect but in a much more fun way.
4.  Throw in some traditional shapes with an modern print.  I'm sure everyone owns a version of this shirt for layering under suit jackets, but with the added hearts it just makes me feel happy and more like myself.
5.  Don't be afraid to step out of the expected office color wheel box.  There is only so much black, navy, grey, white, and beige one person can take.
Thank you again Erin for filling in for me and giving us all some outfit ideas for the rest of the work week!  Stay tuned for more "New to Me" bloggers that I know you will love!


  1. Oh I love Erin! She has style and is such a sweet person.

  2. LOVE this, ladies!!!!! That heart top is so cute.


  3. ooh great tips! i now that sometimes office attire can be dull and you can get into a rut. thanks for the refresher!


  4. Gorgeous!!! Yay Erin! love that girl

  5. I love Erin, she has great style and is so sweet! I love all these outfits featured here - especially the leopard skirt with denim and the yellow skirt with the striped top and leopard heels! And WHERE did you get that adorable heart blouse?

    Jewel My Heart Giveaway on Forever81

  6. Love this. Erin might prove to the world that DC isn't all horrid business casual clothes.

  7. I'm her newest follower, i'd love to raid her closet. :)

  8. great ideas! professional and still fun - the perfect combo for work :)

    xx theflossylife

  9. So nice to meet Erin. All of her outfits are great - equal parts polished and fun. Thanks for the introduction, Julie.

  10. I love this! I'll be starting at a super conservative office in the near future, and one of my main gripes is "how do I show my personality in a suit?!" Thanks for some helpful tips :)



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