Monday, August 13, 2012

New to Me Guest Series: Erin of House of Earnest

House of earnest
Although House of Earnest and Erin are not exactly brand new to me, I feel that if you don't know about her by know, it is about time.  She shares the perfect blend of simple entertaining (a girl after my own heart), easy and useful DIY, and just overall clean and bright design aesthetic.  Today's post pretty much exemplifies why I come back to House of Earnest on a daily basis... something so simple, but beautiful and effective for a night in or even for hosting an elegant summer soiree. 

Hi Everyone!  I am Erin from House of Earnest filling in today while Julie is enjoying her vacation! Since the theme of this guests series is ‘New to Me’, I thought I’d give you all just a little glimpse into what can expect to find on House of Earnest!  I love sharing about décor, events, parties, and quick, easy DIY’s. 

Today, I have my go-to centerpiece that is especially beautiful this time of year as we slow down and enjoy the cooler summer evenings.   Now is the time to sit around the table and enjoy the home grown flavors of the summer, whether it’s from your own garden, or from your local market.  I love all of the plentiful veggies and herbs that we can incorporate into our meals, and your table décor should reflect that same feeling. 
late summer centerpiece -1 See after the jump for instructions and the finished product...

Creating a stunning centerpiece for a dinner shouldn’t be a stress.  Using what is in your yard takes the guesswork and cost out of creating something worthwhile for the center of your evening.  A vase that is wide at the bottom and narrows at the top is easy to work with.  A wine decanter would work perfect, and look pretty too.
ONE clip branches from a leafy bush or tree that are around one to two feet in length  
TWO clip off dead or bug-bitten leaves 
THREE a variety of straight and curved limbs add interest to the arrangement.  
FOUR clear off the bottom section that would fall below the top of your vase.  
FIVE let the branches fall naturally, curving and twisting in whichever way they like. 
late summer centerpiece -2 I hope you’re encouraged to try something like this to adorn the center of your table.  I find this leafy arrangement is large enough to be impactful, and lasts quite a long time!

A big thanks to Julie for having me, and giving me the opportunity to share with you!

Thank you again Erin for sharing and if you want to see more of the tricks up her sleeve, head on over to House of Earnest now!


  1. Love this idea and the photographer is pretty!

  2. I just found her blog last month and love it! What an awesome series! Can't wait to go check out some more blogs you've featured!

  3. House of Earnest/Erin never disappoints. The centerpiece is beautiful - A quick and easy way to bring a little greenery into a home. The styling and photography are beautiful, as well. Great job!


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