Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bedroom Styling Tips

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1. via Elements of Style | 2. Francisco Costa's residence photos courtesy of Douglas Friedman & Martyn Thompson | Terrain Sefte Kimsa Throw. | Art.com Thierry Poncelet's The Officer's Mess.
I know it may seem as though Project Apartment has come to a standstill since this post, but in reality it has been moving forward. However, instead of room by room reveals, you will all get to see the entire apartment at once!   It all started with some kitchen tips, then the kitchen reveal, then bookcase tips and the bookcase reveal, and then living room styling tips.

Bedroom styling is all about balancing beauty with comfort and function.  The bedroom should be a calming place, but at the same time showcase your personality because after all you will be spending approximately 1/3 of your life in your bedroom.  See more tips after the jump...
fall accessories
3. Kate Collins Interiors via A Diary of Lovely | 4. via unknown | West Elm Parson's Mini Desk | Haus Interior Hearth Candle | West Elm Glass Shadow Box
fall accessories
5. via Little Green Notebook | 6. via the Neotraditionalist | Ballard Design Serena Bench |Neiman Marcus Mirasol Bed Linens
fall accessories
7. Lonny Magazine | 8. via Because It's Awesome | Ballard Designs Camden Tufted Headboard | Society Social The Double |
Do you have any bedroom styling tips to add?  What are the key elements in your bedroom?


  1. AH this is just what I needed right now! I am tryin to spruce up my bedroom. Love the idea of the dual purpose night stand. Great inspiration, thanks for sharing! Hope to see you sometime soon :)

    Natalie, your fashionably broke friend ;)

  2. Love all of these! A dresser as nightstand is also a good multifunctional design choice. Just don't do it on both sides of the bed. No match-matchy!

  3. Wow! What a useful tips you've got here. Its a must to do in the bedroom. The foot stall tip for storage is perfect. I love it
    Display Homes Perth


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