Monday, August 27, 2012

Announcements, News, and other Exciting Things...

First my apologies for the absence last week.  I'm not complaining because my vacation was AMAZING, but sometimes when you get back, you need a staycation to recover from your vacation.  We also have an exciting project in the works that has been occupying a lot of our time.  I promise you will get to see the fruits of our labor SOON!

See for news after the jump...
In an effort to both share beautiful tidbits from our vacation and to step outside of my comfort zone I'm starting a new series on my TUMBLR account.  In this series I'll be sharing beautiful images from our vacation and daily life in general to inspire (the new form of Project 365) as well as a few outfit posts here and there.  I've decided to post this on Tumblr because I in no way wish Julip Made to become solely a personal style blog or fashion blog, but in the same breathe I do have a passion for personal style that I'd love to share with you all.

On another personal style note, looking forward to fall, I shared my 5 fall trends on A {little} Dash of Ash last week.  Please head on over and let me know if you have any trends to add!


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