Tuesday, July 3, 2012

365 Update

Wine tasting at Gadino Cellars in Washington, Virginia.
Another 365 update for you with some days missing, but overall captures the happenings in my life, specifically from this past weekend.  This weekend was a test of our ability to survive say should the grid go down or should there be a zombie apocalypse (according to the Boy).  Due to the massive storm Friday night, the power was out everywhere in DC and Virginia where we were spending the weekend at my parent's place.  As a result we spent the weekend sawing and removing several large trees from their driveway, hauling water up from the pond to boil and wash dishes, and pretty much doing everything with a candle or flashlight.  We found that the best ways to deal with no power are to walk around in bikinis because of the heat, BBQ all the meat that could go bad if left to defrost (and then eat it), drink all the beer in the fridge so it doesn't get skunked, head to a vineyard for entertainment, oh and head to the watering hole for a bath/ cool down!  See after the jump for more pictures...
I would advise NOT to eat the grapes despite how "beautiful" they look.
The most delicious Cab Franc!
Odin and Kiley had some opinions about the Cab Franc as well!
The munchies including homemade spiced plum chutney using the plums from my parents orchard!
How many guys does it take to grill two racks of ribs? Answer: Three and a dog!
Grilling essentials: Sierra Nevada Pale Ale included.
Dedication and adoration right there... for ribs.
The best Sweet Tea Lemonade EVER!
This is what you do when your power is out and you have St. Viateur bagles to eat.
Kevin's parent's new pup... Rusty.  Just look at those brown eyes.
Our other house guest last weekend... Loulou one of Odin's gfs.
Grapefruit Mint Granita palette cleanser.  Recipe to come.


  1. Hahaha "How many guys does it take to grill two racks of ribs? Answer: Three and a dog!" - It's all the same everywhere!!

    Ok confession time: Do you get your bagels shipped from Montreal?? Really?? :)

  2. Your survival of the apocalypse test run was so much prettier and more appetizing than mine! Also, grilled bagels?! Yes and yes.

  3. You guys did much better than us- I sat around with the dog in no air conditioning & whined. Your weekend looks lovely!

  4. Love this!! Looks a great little "getaway". Honestly, your apocalyptic weekend...doesn't really sound half bad! Like a dress rehearsal for tomorrow. :)

  5. odin and kiley are too cute!
    and i am glad you survived "zombie apocalypse" - i love your blog! :-)

  6. Well obviously I'm a fan of all the doggie pics! Looks like you guys made the best of a potentially awful situation!



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