Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Link Love

Link Love
Rolling Stone via Vmac+Cheese, Gary Pepper
I feel like I haven't done a link love post in FOREVER and there have been so many good things going around the internet.  Lately, I also just haven't had the same amount of time as I have in the past to make it through my google reader, so that probably also has something to do with it.  Anyway, here goes with a few special gems from around the interwebs for you to enjoy...

  • As a branding nerd and someone who is always looking for ways to improve my blog, this Lucky FABB SEO and Social Media Trends recap from Erika Brechtel and Bri Emery's Lucky FABB session on turning your blog into a brand are now saved as two of my top bookmarks.
  • Victoria always provides visual candy, but I just stumbled upon her post on Rolling Stone's behind the scenes look at Mad Men and man is this extra decadent eye candy... hmmm mmmm Jon Hamm.
  • More inspiration via Victoria came in the form of an introduction to the amazing Gary Pepper blog.  The clothes, the styling, the photography, the backdrops... all stunning.  Also make sure to take a look at some of the other writers for FELLT because they all have mega talent.
  • This post from Sarah Yates really spoke to me because honestly I think we are all made to feel like not only is it acceptable, but highly encouraged to feed that judgmental voice in your head... to judge yourself when you look in the mirror, to judge the models in the magazine, to judge the actress in the tabloids while waiting to checkout at the grocery store, to judge the girl that walks by you at the bar.  It will be hard to completely stop it, but we can at least try to start holding that voice more accountable.  


  1. Any link love with Jon Hamm makes my day :)

  2. The Lucky FABB recaps are super helpful! I actually went to the conference and I think I got more from these two posts than from the actual event :) Now I have to figure out how to actually incorporate all this wisdom in to my little blog!


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