Monday, April 16, 2012

Polish Style Easter Brunch...

easter brunch
The flowers.
Earlier this month I helped my parents host their annual Easter brunch and although we don't consider ourselves to be particularly religious, Easter, specifically Easter brunch is a special event in my family.  The first time my parents laid eyes on one another was at a Polish style Easter brunch hosted by my dad over 30 years ago.  It has since become their annual tradition to host a brunch for family and friends, typically Polish style.

To reflect the theme, we went with a full Polish menu and carried the image of the traditional pisanki (ornately decorated egg) throughout.  We mimicked the brightly colored pisanki with traditional brightly striped table clothes and flowers held in wine bottles spray painted a bright robins egg blue to match.  We kept the flowers in  the pink and red family so as not to add too much color to the already colorful decor.  A playful, interactive drink bar with mimosa's and the light French Thyme 75 to complement the overall light fare quenched guests thirst.  Shots of Żubrówka (buffalo grass vodka) provided an extra kick and good luck to those who drank it (as the tradition goes).

See the invite, food, drinks and more decor after the jump....

Easter invite
The invite created by Julip Made.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the invite before sending it out, but it was designed to again reflect the pisanki and printed on simple white card stock in a variety of bright hues including the coral shown above.
easter brunch
The food.
The menu followed tradition pretty closely with the exception of the Salata burakowa (beet salad), which is actually a Persian dish.  Labels were done by hand due to tech issues, but overall I think came out very well. The menu included:
  • Sałatka śledziowa (Herring salad with apple,onion, & sour cream) 
  • Sałatka ziemniaczana/kartoflana (Potato salad with onions, half sour pickles, peas,  dill, sour cream, mayonnaise, & Dijon mustard) 
  • Buraki z chrzanem (Beets and horseradish) 
  • Chrzan ze śmietaną (Horseradish with cream) 
  • Salata burakowa (Beet salad) 
  • Swieża kiełbasa (Fresh Polish sausage) 
  • Pieczona szynka (Baked ham) 
  • Yayka malowane (Hardboiled eggs) 
  • ”Mizeria”  (Cucumber salad with sour cream, salt, sugar, and dill) 
  • Makowiec (Poppy Seed cake) 
  • Babka ( Sweet yeast-risen bread with raisins)

easter brunch
The drinks.
The drink bar was probably my favorite element of the party aside from the ombre floral centerpiece.  Initially we were going to offer Mimosas and Bloody Mary's, but decided that Bloody Mary's would overpower the flavor of the food that was offered.  Instead, I came up with a version of the French 75, the French Thyme 75, that could be prepared in a large batch ahead of time and would enhance the menu.   Instead of lemon juice, I used lemonade and added thyme simple syrup for a fresher taste.  We also offered an accoutrements platter with skewers so guest could add flare and flavor to their  drinks.  The skewers were made with simple white mailing labels and ribbon with the words na zdrowie written on them, which essentially means "to your health".  Finally, we offered several non-alcoholic drinks as well including lemonade with mint, mint water, and berry water.
easter brunch
The garnish and more drinks.
easter brunch
The guests and their view.  French Thyme 75 on left and Mimosa on right.
It was a lovely Sunday morning full of food, friends, laughter, and drinks!  With a view like this, how could you not enjoy yourself?


  1. I just love this! I think it is really important to pay tribute to your heritage every once in a while. I especially love your bar table - everything looks delicious!

  2. Sounds totally lovely! I'm particularly drawn to the cocktails. Weird.

  3. Looks beautiful! I love all the details, especially the drink bar :)

  4. Oh girl, this is fabulous. Can you be my party planner?

  5. i am loving all the special details! that thyme drink sounds yummy too!

  6. I adore the invite! And the details are all gorgeous!

  7. This is so pretty and fun! When you have a diy wedding, it's going to be AHMAZING!


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