Wednesday, April 4, 2012

If Bloggers Ruled the World... with Liz from So Much to Smile About

I am lucky enough to be both online and real life friends with today's IBRTW participant.  She is sarcastic, fun, has a killer sense of style, and is one of the most positive and warmest people I've met.  She is also kind of a big deal in the DC blog world as she is one of the co-founders of CapFabb, the Capital Area Fashion & Beauty Bloggers group, which is really making waves to create a cohesive network of creatives in DC.  And finally, she is the editor behind the stylish fashion and lifestyle blog So Much to Smile About.  Please welcome Liz...

IBRTW Liz So Much To Smile About-1
So Much to Smile About
Continue reading after the jump for the rest of Liz's answers...

IBRTW Liz So Much To Smile About-2
Bright Pink
IBRTW Liz So Much To Smile About-3
So Much to Smile About, CapFabb
Thank you again Liz for participating and for calling attention to a cause that is very near and dear to my heart as my family has been greatly impacted by breast cancer.  Please, all of you ladies reading this, show some love to your "girls" and give Bright Pink a gander, even if just to read some of the information for yourself! Also, make sure to stop by Liz's, she has this knack for making her readers feel like they have the inside scoop, whether at fashion shows, events, or just how to do your hair (i.e. yesterday's post here).



  1. I love Liz and she has been so inspirational and supportive. She's fabulous.

  2. Such a great cause to support Liz! I think the it is really important to recognize considering how many women get it. I also love you posted about Guiliana - she really has helped bring attention to the cause and become such an inspiration.

  3. Loved seeing Liz on here... adore her!

  4. Liz is so cute!! great post-love the way it was put together

  5. Love this series and what you've done with it! Can't wait to join in soon!

  6. Thank you SO SO much for the kind words and for featuring me! So glad we are "real life" friends too!

  7. She's adorbs! Thanks for the introduction.

  8. Liz I love you. And yes for sure on fighting cancer! What a wonderful post and I just adore her blog!

  9. Absolutely love this feature; it only bloggers ruled the world! LOVE Liz's responses... and her blog. She's a favorite for sure.


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