Friday, March 16, 2012

Project 365 Update...

Mini bell peppers ready for roasting to make a Provencal Tart.  Recipe to come soon.
For my new readers, Project 365 is my attempt to learn how to use my new camera better and to encourage myself to notice and appreciate the little things in my life. My goal is to have taken one picture for every day of one year. This post includes a selection of my pictures over the past couple weeks.
Champagne flutes.
See more pictures after the jump...

One of our nearby favorite neighborhoods.  Adorable welcome sign I had never noticed.
Dark chocolate pie with pecan praline, salted crust, and maple whipped cream I made for our Oscar party in honor of the Help (don't worry no "special" ingredients in this one). Will share recipe soon as well!
Hot bath, candles, and vino... best way to relax.
Gorgeous spring blooms.
Hello Cupcakes for the nightcap to our date night.  Yo Tart= me, Peanut butter Chocolate= the Boy.



  1. That pie looks amazing! Ha, and glad you left out the special ingredient!

  2. Can't wait to see how that provencal tart turned out! Out of total curiosity, why did you choose to use mini bells versus full sized? To create rings? Or did you leave them whole and layer? Oh, so many questions.

  3. I finally took a photography class last week and learned how to use all the manual functions on my camera. I haven't practiced much yet, but I'm SO excited to get to it! Your photos are coming out fantastically!

  4. this is such a great project - it does make you notice, and appreciate!, the little things :)

  5. Everything looks great! I need to notice more things around me and take more pictures.


  6. I have eaten half the bag of sweet peppers. They're so addictive. Roasting only seems even better!

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