Thursday, March 1, 2012

Project 365 Update...

Vignette from the beautiful home I house sat a while back.
Again no words, just pictures from the 365 project I'm trying to keep up with. 
Valentine's Day cupcakes with Nutella frosting.  Hint don't get greedy and add too much Nutella or your frosting will end up like a brownie dough.
Favorite toy.
More pictures after the jump...

Traditional Margaritas in honor of National Margarita Day.
My kitchen bible that helps me make yumminess!
Tilapia en papillote avec les tomates, d'ail, et le thyme.
The best breakfast.
Mommy play time!
Oscar night with Blue Hawaii Mojitos in honor of the Descendents!
Is anyone else taking part in the project 365 challenge or even a photo a month challenge? Any tips for finding inspiration on busy days or finding the time to snap a picture?


  1. I had every intention of taking a photo a day in February but am failed miserably. Since today is March 1st I will give it a new attempt! Love that first coffee table display and oh, Nutella frosting?! Did I die and go to Heaven? I'm going to search your site to see if you have the recipe posted. Me + Nutella= pants that don't fit and danger! xo

  2. I'm not but love the idea of taking a photo a day and trying to find the beauty in every day life. Um, also Nutella frosting is an amazing idea!

  3. love the idea! great job on participating in this project.

  4. I tried to do the Feb photo of the month challenge on Instagram but have failed! Fell off the wagon half way through. It is definitely hard to snap a picture everyday. My biggest challenge was not having enough daylight and getting frustrated and giving up on my flash pictures.

  5. Love all of these photos. And Nutella frosting!?! Are you kidding? I think I just died at the thought. I need that in my life. :)

    I did the Feb photo a day challenge on Instagram and am starting the March one today. I like being reminded to take a photo every day.

    Hope you're having a good week! And happy March! xoxo

  6. The photo of Odin's paws next to the toys is amazing! I love what you're doing with that camera of yours Julie!

  7. Hello from Nook & Sea! Thanks for checking out my site after my post on Erika's Small Shop Studio blog :) I came straight to your site and gasped out loud when I saw the design above the fold (just fabulous)! And the first photo in this post is amazing. I want. Lovely to be introduced (over the web at least)! I'm following by email now.

    Nook & Sea

  8. Nutella frosting?! I'm so in!!
    and that vignette is gorgeous! you should make it your own ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julie!
    Thanks again for all of the sweet shout outs and having me be a part of your wonderful series!
    Look forward to upcoming posts in the series!
    What a difference you are making by doing this!

  9. Great photo post! The first one is awesome...I kind of love those folks have a book on Tadich Grill!

  10. Such pretty photos! Love all the yummy cocktails.


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