Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If Bloggers Ruled the World... Gabby from Savvy Home

There are some people you just "click" with when you meet them (in this case virtually meet). Well today's "If Bloggers Ruled the World" participant is one of those people.  She is friendly, funny, business savvy (pun intended), and the editor behind the the interior eye candy and design blog...please welcome Gabby from Savvy Home.  She also recently made some huge life changes to pursue her dream of one day opening up her own design business and is now studying to get her MBA in her hometown of Montreal, one of my favorite cities!

IBRTW Gabby Savvy Home-1
Savvy Home
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IBRTW Gabby Savvy Home-2
IBRTW Gabby Savvy Home-3
Savvy Home
IBRTW Gabby Savvy Home-4 Thank you Gabby for introducing us to the wonderful 100cameras Project and place to buy meaningful gallery wall art while donating to a cause at the same time. Make sure to browse their site and if you are in need interior inspiration, definitely stop by Gabby's!
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  1. Fun fact: you know my flight from Melbourne to LA recently? Well I was planning to sleep but I spent the ENTIRE 14 hours watching the ENTIRE first season of Downton Abbey! Thank you Qantas!
    PS - Thank you so much for having me, it's such a fun series!! X

  2. 100 Cameras sounds like such an amazing organization!

  3. I am seriously laughing out loud in my office (probably getting strange looks for co-workers) about her Kelly Wrestler and free wi-fi comment! Amen!

  4. she is inspiring! Love these photos of her hometown!

  5. I adore this series! I love Gaby and her blog. I agree- blogging gives a voice to anyone who has something to say. I love that!

  6. Oh Gaby's blog is so awesome...so fun to see her here (and have I mentioned that I love this series)?

  7. Your blog is amazing, love your style and your design skills!
    I want my blog to be as visually attrative as yours soon! must keep practicing! :)

  8. I LOVE this KW plane decorating idea!!
    and how adorable for children to capture art through lenses!
    Great Post!

  9. Love. this. girl. Great post, Gab!! A KW decorated plane...I would PAY to fly on that, in addition to regular airfare!

  10. Gabby rocks. So glad to have found your blog through her! Can't wait to see more!


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