Friday, February 3, 2012

Champagne Sunrise...

First off... HAPPY FRIDAY!  This week has been a busy one.  The kind that the only way to get by is to set your Pandora station to Daft Punk, chug multiple lattes, and wear sweater dresses all week because they don't require any ironing.  This cocktail is in the same vein because it really requires almost no effort, but is delicious and girly and pretty.  Raise your glass blogland... cheers to us for making it to Friday!
Ingredients and instructions after the jump....
  • Champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco etc...
  • Grenadine
  • Orange peels
  1. Using champagne flutes, drizzle grenadine in bottom.  Swirl around a little to coat the sides of the bottom of the glass. 
  2. Pour champagne in glass.
  3. Drop orange peel inside for garnish. You can also add orange juice, but you get less bubbly flavor/  bubbly, which for me is a bad thing!
Happy Friday!


  1. sounds delicious and the perfect way to end a week!

  2. Ohh I'd like one of these! So festive. Happy weekend!

  3. Ohh I want to make this tonight for our girls night! Happy weekend my dear! xo

  4. Happy Friday! I'll definitely be making these at some point this weekend. They look delicious!

  5. And cheers to the weekend. Glad it is here! xo

  6. i could use a drink tonight for sure!!!

  7. love this! And so simple which is perfect for me :) xo Lisa

  8. Gorgeous...I so wish I could indulge right now!

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