Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Color Craving... Neon

Top left, top right, top middle right, bottom middle right, bottom right, bottom center, bottom left, left middle.
I'm not sure if it is the gray weather or the fact that I've been wearing fall and cozy (read textured neutrals) for a solid 4 months now, but my craving for neon is strong.  I think that this time of year, when there is so little light, I need that extra zing to jump start my productivity.  I'm finding neon crop up in all aspects of my life: on my finger nails, in my gym wear, my underwear (gasp), and even my writing utensil choices (although I don't recommend taking notes, unless you want to blind yourself).  I'm finding bright kicks, sport bras, and socks especially motivating for reaching those new years gym resolutions.  Below are some more fashionable ways of incorporating neon into your life.

1. TOM BINNS Slap Dash Swarovski Crystal Bib Necklace 2. Victoria's Secret Pink Where Everywhere Push-up Bra 3. JCrew Kid's Field Notes- Notebook Three pack 4. La Mer Neon Wrap Watch 5. Narcisco Rodriquez Neon Pencil Skirt 6. Urban Outfitters Horizon Line Sunglasses 7. LANVIN Horse-shoe heel Patent leather Pumps 8. Cambridge Satchel Fluoro Satchel.

What color do you find yourself gravitating to this time of year?  How do you wear neon? Or are you of the mindset that neon died along with bedazzling, side ponies, and tube socks?



  1. That hot pink coffee table? I must get my hands on it! Soon spring will arrive!

    1. When I saw it I immediately thought that an inexpensive version could be made using the Ikea Lack coffee table and some neon lacquer spray paint!

  2. Its so rare you see neon in home decor! I kinda love it!

  3. Beautiful am really loving neon these days!

  4. I love those neon sunnies- they make me really excited for warmer weather :) Since it's starting to get really gloomy here, I'm trying to wear brighter colors, instead of neutrals, to combat the winter blues and I think these neon pieces would certainly do the trick!

    star-crossed smile

  5. i am definitely more of neutrals girl - both in decorating my home and myself but lately neon is just calling to me. maybe i just need a little CRAZY in my life! haha.


  6. Oh yes... LOVE bright neons! Great round-up!

  7. Ah me too isn't neon the most fun thing to cheer up a dreary winter?? Love those sunglasses from Urban!!

  8. Gorgeous round up, its gray and dreary here today too...so this was parfait!:)

  9. These neons are so pretty! I'm loving neon statement necklaces lately, and there are a few Tom Binns way out of my price range that I need to make mine. The bra is super fun; purple is my favorite and I've been needing some new ones.

  10. Oh don't even get me started over how much I obsess over neon!!! Seriously love! Great post :)

  11. I saw these flat in a magazine this past weekend that were neutral with neon green tips. SO frickin cute. I could rock that :)

  12. You're getting really good at this whole graphic thing. I'm impressed!


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