Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Weekend Recap...

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This weekend was fun... too fun.  Soo much sparkle, although there can never be enough sparkle, but definitely too much bubbly.  My company holiday party was Friday night {outfit pictures and decor to come- I was in charge}, the Boy's soccer team's charity bar crawl was Saturday{it was for the kids folks, we had to drink}, and the Blogger Blitz DC event hosted by the lovely AV from Long Distance Loving was Sunday.

All of the events were amazing, minus us not winning 2 tickets to anywhere in the world {yes that is a prize at my holiday party} and minus the drunk {classy lady} who tripped and poured her beer directly on my head in my sequin holiday dress at the after party.  I am so glad that I went Sunday and was finally able to meet AV, Lisa, and Rosa in addition to some other really sweet and beautiful ladies {Mclean, Lacey, Ashlyn, Kate, Ashley, Jenna, Chelsea, Deb, Raquel, and Lauren}.  Can't wait for another event soon!

How was your weekend?



PS. This baby is on its way to me as I type... get excited!  link


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! So sorry you got a beer spilled on your head. That part is not fun!

  2. I had such a great time chatting with you!

  3. So excited about your camera and glad that the blogger blitz was fun! Can we hang out soon please?

  4. My husband won an XBox Kinect at his holiday party. Lucky me ;) I seriously can't wait until you get your camera!

  5. julie -- I must say you are a doll! & I really enjoyed meeting you on Sunday! You mentioned you were looking at buying a camera -- so exciting! Have fun with it!

    & hope to get to know you more!
    "my unrehearsed life"

  6. Yay for finally getting your camera!! That's SO exciting. I'm sorry you didn't win those tickets though--is it possible to steal them from the winner?!? Just a thought.... :)

    Oh, and I can't wait to see your sparkly shift dress! xo

  7. It was SO SO SO great finally meeting you! Can't wait for our next one! And I'm super excited for about your camera :) Oh and do you use Photoshop or Illustrator? xo Lisa

  8. sounds like a perfect weekend! the holidays are always crazy busy!

  9. Now that is how you kick off the holiday season!! I'm sure the drycleaners have gotten cleaning sparkly dresses down to a business. Can't wait to see pics! xoxo

  10. how fun! I also went to blogger event in Boston last night hosted by the sweet AV :)


  11. seriously SO wonderful to finallllllllly meet you last weekend! I so wish I still lived in DC so we could do it every weekend :) can't wait for the next round! xoxo {av}


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