Friday, November 25, 2011


... to my parent's place we go.
This week/ weekend, we've been hanging out in the country at my parent's place in rural VA cooking, eating, drinking, and making general merriment. At the table, we all take a turn saying what we are thankful for and this year, I took the opportunity to actually put pen to paper to capture these thoughts. Looking back this really has been a great year. I feel so grateful to be with the person I love {and our crazy pup}, surrounded by family and friends, in an apartment we love, with a job that I have room to grow with. This past year I also started this blog, which has become such a fulfilling creative outlet with so many surprising benefits such as meeting and connecting with you all. Your comments and support really do mean the world to me and I'm hopeful that some of these relationships will become lifelong friendships.

Please excuse the spelling... I was doped on Zyrtec at the time.
I hope you are all having a relaxing holiday weekend full of friends, family, food, and fun {booze}!



PS. Because I'm so thankful for you all, I'm hosting a holiday entertaining essentials GIVEAWAY with lots of goodies from Zgallerie so enter if you haven't yet here.
PSS.  I have a million recipes {food & cocktail} from this weekend to share with you all and a week of gift guides coming up soon so keep an eye out!


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