Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween... The Costumes

As Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I was super excited when Danielle announced her Halloween link up. Today, it is all about the costumes and for me costumes are all about humor, comfort, and thinking of something more creative than _______slut costume.
mask. shirt. nails. thigh highs.
For the daytime, if you want to show your spirit without getting too freaky at work or while running errands, I'd advise a Skelo-shirt, some Dexter nails, or some Skelo-thigh highs with a black pencil skirt.  However, at night...
**For further explanation that is my bro who was Bender from Futurama and I was Brian from Family Guy.
... let's me honest, I don't usually get too freaky with my costumes, although I like to think I put in a very solid effort.  As I said before, I go for humor and comfort.  If I can wear flats, sneakers, boots, or sneakers, even better! A recent tradition I've been following is to have a drink receptacle built into your costume such as the "coffee" cup when I was Starbucks.  And finally..

Don't forget the Pup.  I know there are many humorous article/ blogs of "Why Dogs Hate People" and Halloween images are always the first piece of evidence, but Odin honestly doesn't mind dressing up and I'd even go as far to say that he likes it.  What can I say, he is like his mama. When wearing costumes, he either sits back and looks real chill (top right), or prances around getting extra attention and pets (bottom left).

Do you dress up during the day?  What are you planning on being at night? Do you shame your pup with costumes?




  1. Those skelo-thing leg thingys are hilarious!! Have a wonderful Halloween!!

    A Day in the Life and Mind...

  2. love those tights. I got the socks version from target :)

  3. you've had some great costumes!! and odin is too funny :) his christmas outfit is the best.

  4. Those tights are hilarious. I have never seen anything like them.

  5. Love this post! I'm so excited for Halloween this year. We're having a party Sat and my costume's pretty set but I'm still helping J out....It'll come together I'm positive :) xoxo

  6. One year I went as Angelina Jolie and carried a couple of baby dolls around with me all night. It was seriously the best and super comfortable! I'm going to attempt to put a costume on Dexter this year, but I'm guessing it won't stay on long enough for a picture. Odin is a good boy!

  7. cute costumes!! i esp love the ones for dogs! makes me wish i had a pet. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  8. I like the skeleton shirt and thigh highs. Those are super adorable.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Ohhh Lace mask! SImple yet perfect. Thanks for the idea! Ohh and I love your pup dressed as a squirrel. Too cute.

  10. Those nails are fantastic! How creative!

  11. Hahaha...you come up with some great costumes! And the ones you wear aren't bad, either (c: I am LOVING those dexter nails! Brilliant idea! Have a great weekend, Julie!

  12. i love the skelo-shirt & the starbucks look :)

  13. the dexter nails kind of freak me out. it really does look like blood! cute costumes!


  14. holy mackeral! what fun ideas ;) I'm loving that skelo-shirt--it's too funny! I didn't dress up this year, but thanks to Friday's Fancies, I've gotten a lot of ideas for future years! Hope you had a great weekend! xoxo {av}

  15. You have some great Halloween costumes, but Odin really shines :) Happy Halloween Julie!!

  16. so adorable! you just made my pet-obsession even worse! someday!! Loved the starbucks costume - so clever! happy halloween :)


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