Monday, September 26, 2011

Insatiable Wanderlust...

paris jetaime
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Dernièrement, j’ai un désir insatiable de voyager. J’ai le besoin pour changement. Ma compagnie a un bureau de Paris et je considère sérieusement demander d’un transfert...

Okay, back to English because I'm sure you don't want to have to read an entire post in French and let's face it I am in need of some dusting off ( both written and spoken) before I start writing entire posts in French. I'm not sure if it is the changing of the seasons, the fact that my big 2-5 is coming up, that the Boy and I watch Monsieur Bourdain travel to fabulous locales on a nightly basis, or that I've been oogling all of the Paris FW looks, but I am restless. Don't get me wrong, I adore DC and absolutely love living here as well as being close to my parents. However, I have this craving to try something new... somewhere new.

la nourriture
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I lived abroad in Paris through an exchange program back in high school and became completely enamored with the city and have remained so ever since. There is something about the energy in Paris. It is like the entire city is imbued with a joie de vivre that permeates through all aspects of life from architecture to fashion to food, etc... There is an appreciate for beautiful simple things such as sitting and enjoying un cafe et un croissant or picking up a fresh baguette each day from the boulangerie. I'm not saying that is isn't possible to live a similar lifestyle in the States as this is the type of life I strive towards here and now. I am also probably romanticizing life there a bit especially as being a tourist is vastly different from being a resident. I think it is just easier to live that kind of lifestyle in one of the most fascinating, romantic, stylish cities in the world.
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I think that given the opportunity, we would move there for at least a little while, but in the mean time, I need to endeavor to bring that joie de vivre to my everyday life here in DC. I know this post is random and rambling, but searching for all of these images and putting my thoughts to (virtual) paper helps to satiate my wanderlust at least a little bit. Do you ever feel this way when the seasons are changing or when you have a big milestone coming up in your life or even just in general? Where do you have wanderlust for?




  1. I wanderlust to live in Paris too... I have been there but I think my family would kill me if I up and left the states...

  2. It used to be Paris until I met Florence! I could move there tomorrow.

  3. OMG Julie this is amazing. I have been dreaming about Paris with Josh for the past few months, because he has never been there and I haven't in a few years! Also, my parents just returned from a three week trip in Brittany (biking), Bordeaux (wine touring obvi), and Paris (anything and everything) and hearing their stories has made me crave it even more. I get it! But also DON'T LEAVE, I'll miss you too much! Let's have a date to a french restaurant or cafe and speak only french to each other :)

  4. LOVE Paris--what an excellent homage :)

  5. Paris is on my list of places to visit! This is such a good post!

  6. I've yet to visit the city of romance and fashion, but it is top on my list and after reading your post, i'm in complete wanderlust and would like to cross it off my list right now!! xo

  7. I just got back from Paris and am sharing the fever! They know how to do EVERYTHING right! I miss it so much, but took so many notes on cooking, living, fashion...basically everything while I was there!


  8. Hi friend!!! So, when we grab drinks, we can plan our Paris vacay :) I've never been, but now I have Paris wanderlust too. You do the talking {in French} and I'll just nod every now and then.

    Oh, I have wanderlust all the time. I'm desperate to visit Africa and Asia. Oh, South America too. My "must visit" list just keeps getting longer and longer and longer.


  9. Lovely roundups!!! You got me lusting for Paris too. I haven't been back since 2004 and that's just WAY too long.

  10. What a fabulous living abroad! Seriously, where were my parents on that one??? Huh??? (c: I've never been, but I am *dying* to go...especially after that glowing recommendation! (c:


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