Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fall Beauty Trends to Try

fall accessories
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I've never been one to rush to the beauty section of a department store or to be really daring with my daily beauty routine.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a morning beauty routine, and I am known to run the occasional brush through my hair.  I also have a nail polish obsession that may or may not include 50+ colors. 

However, this fall I think I'm going to take a walk on the wild side a try a few of these toned down trends.  Think Bardot cat eye's, a few simple twists and tricks to keep my long locks out out of the way, sultry red Elizabeth Taylor lips, flushed cheeks, and fresh, smooth skin.  In terms of nails,  I'm most excited for olives, navy, rust, and gold. 

What trend's are you looking forward to most?  Are you more adventurous or demure with your makeup?

Hope you all had a relaxed long weekend!

~ Julie


  1. I'm all over that flushed cheek look!

  2. Love that braided pony & the cat eyes! :) xo Lisa

  3. I need to try one of each of these! Love this roundup!

  4. Love all of these! I'm doing the cat eye and poney look today. Trying to make myself look a little presentable with all of this rain! :) xoxo

  5. I already depend upon low ponytails and keeping skin looking good (so makeup can be minimal). I think I'm going to incorporate the black bow into the routine too. So chic!

  6. I always love your roundups :)

  7. love this grouping- i cant wait to break out the fall nail polish colors this weekend!

  8. Love these trends!! that braid looks really good!

  9. I'm all about the nail polishes! I do love all of the trends though (which is pretty rare!)


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