Monday, September 12, 2011

25 for 25 Update


It is now less than 1 month to my 25th birthday and I felt that to add a little motivation for me to finish my list, I ought to post what remains to be accomplished.

1.  Start and maintain a blog. 
2.  Get a mani/pedi with my mom.
3. Finish paying off student loans.
Canoeing with a herding dog in a river full of ducks and other boats... an exercise in balance. 
4.  Go kayaking or canoeing at Jack's in Georgetown with the Boy.  
5.  Invent a new signature cocktail.  I've decided I need to have seasonal signature cocktails because there are things like basil, which aren't usually available (FRESH) year round, but are a key ingredient in my summer signature cocktail... the Julip Pucker.
julipmade78 6.  Get up to date on all annual doctors appointments (maybe even get my eyes checked out because the Boy swears I'm blind).
7.  Set up a DC blogger meet up.  I got to enjoy a few cocktails at Circa with Alena and Olivia.  
8.  Take a bubble bath with wine, candles, and good book included. Not yet, but I did give the tub a good scrub this weekend in preparation.
9.  Visit my brother in LA. 
10.  Sign up for PMI online training course so I can become a P(i)MP.
11.  Bake a loaf of bread (wait till Fall so it's cooler). 
12.  Organize a charity event ( I was my company's team leader for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure).
13.  Watch three Oscar Best Picture winners.
14.  Get the apartment to the point where it can be photographed and photograph it.
15.  Upgrade camera to a non- point and shoot (hint hint for b-day present!).
16.  Once student loans are paid off, set a new savings plan including goals for a condo down payment and opening a Roth IRA(way down the road, but it's never too early for planning).
17.  Host a girls night in at my place. Not yet, but I planned it here.
18.  Go hiking in Shenandoah or Great Falls with Odin and the Boy.
One of my most recent projects... DIY'd studded pumps.
19.  Finish five projects on my DIY list (one down, 4 in the works).
20.  Sew more starting with a cute new summer dress.
21.  Buy/ make personal stationary and write a letter to my grams and aunt.
22.  Go watch a professional soccer game with my Dad, either to the game or to a bar to watch. 
23. Spend more time with Luna and Odin.
24.  Set up creative workspace in apartment and start painting/ drawing again.  I've been PAINTING!! I'll share some of my latest when I photograph the apartment.
25.  Go to Jose Andres' America Eats Tavern pop up restaurant with the Boy for our SIXTH anniversary! We didn't go there, but we did go to Lavandou, a french restaurant in Cleveland Park and we had a wonderful night celebrating 6 years together so that counts in my book! 

Overall I've completed 10 items, started 5 items and have 9 items yet to start.  I'd say not bad, but you can bet I'll be a busy girl this month.  I am of the belief that it is not just your birth DAY, but your birth MONTH so this also means it is time to start wishlisting!  Are you of the same birthday month belief or do you stick to the 1 day a year, selfless dealio?

~ Julie


  1. How fun!!! I love your list and love how you are checking things off so quickly! I'm incredibly inspired now. Most inspired to make some studded pumps! DO you have the DIY steps or tips for that? xo

  2. Yay!! I usually pull "it's my birthday month" up until my actual bday. But this works better for me than it would for you because mine isn't until the 21st. I'm excited for your bday, have you decided on what to do yet??

  3. @Tamra- The studded pumps are super easy to DIY, unfortunately I ran out of "studs", which are actually thumb tacks and I need to make a Staples run for more. I'll share when finished.

    @Carrie- I still want to do Shenandoah or elsewhere for camping. Keep it low key!

  4. Studded pumps! Fab idea!


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