Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Recap... So Long Irene

So looks like the storm has passed and with little to no damage thankfully.  We spent the weekend cooped up with some food and wine, some Dexter, some September issues, and one stir crazy puppy.  I have to say, it was pretty nice to just relax and do nothing, but enjoy each others company and watch the storm roll in.
A last minute trip to CVS resulted in some NECESSARY hurricane preparedness supplies...confetti nail polish and some wild new lipstick colors to play around with.  A new jewelry purchase also just arrived before the storm.
Finally getting some time to browse through my new cookbook, which was a giveaway win from Debby at Inspired Design.  This book is FANTASTIC and you will definitely find many of these recipes gracing my Weekday Meal Wednesday series.  Thank you Debby!
Lots of snuggling and lots of manlove... Odin's new favorite spot.  This lovely ball of joy also decided to take an HOUR to go to the bathroom during the hurricane.  Thanks O-boy!
How did y'all survive the storm? Or if you were lucky enough to have a sunny weekend, any good stories?

~ Julie


  1. Hehehe...of *course* he takes his time during the hurricane! Poop placement is a big deal, Jules! (c: And OH MY LOVELINESS...you need to spill the beans on where you got that necklace because it is *fantastic*! Glad you all are safe and sound and now hurricane veterans (c:

  2. That necklace is amazing! Gorgeous. BTW, wasn't Irene a total let down? I was hoping for today off work!

    Let's do drinks again, please!!

  3. loving the necklace! so glad you are okay!

  4. I feel lucky for not having to deal with the storm, but it looks like you guys did well! Look at your precous pup!

  5. i love your items for the storm - totally all you need :)

  6. I sifted through the September Vogue this weekend too! I have to ask -- what did you think of it? (I honestly was not that blown away.) Couple good articles, but I wasn't feeling the fashion editorials. Just me?

    So glad you weathered the storm safe and sound!

  7. I'm bringing my Sept Vogue to the beach tomorrow along with a bunch of other Sept mags. I've been waiting and waiting and now the tiume has finally come! :)

    Glad you made it through the storm ok. xoxo

  8. You make a storm weekend look so cozy! Love that necklace!

  9. That necklace is amazing - love it! I'm glad you only faced 2 natural disasters this month. :)

    Haley @ Cardigan Junkie


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