Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Living on the Fringe...

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While browsing through the September issue of Vogue I typically just glance at the ads in the beginning, but the above Botega Veneta ad caught my eye.  That red velvet fringed daybed looks soo luxe and comfy and the fringe really adds that something extra.   I started thinking about fringe and how it can look sooo right, or go sooo wrong.  When done right, fringe can add great texture and detail to just about anything.  What really distinguishes good fringe from bad fringe I think is the amount and the placement.  In small doses, neutral colors, and accentuating certain areas of the item, fringe can be great.  Too much fringe, too long fringe, or just misplaced fringe (vertical typically doesn't look good) can come out so wrong...

What do you think?  Is fringe a do or a don't?
~ Julie


  1. oh those tights - eeek! who would think that would be a good idea?!

  2. Ooooh love this roundup of fringe!

  3. Love this fringy round up! I saw that necklace on Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black and I am absolutely obsessed, definitely need to invest. Happy September! xo

  4. Um yikes...yes, it can go *very wrong*...but a fringe done right? Nothing like it...the movement and detail are just too awesome to pass up! I love the top round up...it makes me convinces that I need some more fringe in my life (c:

  5. obsessed with this post! fringe done right is absolutely phenom! Now time for me to shop for some fringe! :)


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